Can't add artwork!

Nothing changed & all of a sudden I cant add artwork. Like i click add artwork & NOTHING!

Closed browser & still nothing… What am I doing wrong???

P.S not a newbie, but never had this issue before.

Clear your browser’s cache or try a different browser.

Try dragging your file onto the interface rather than uploading via the add artwork button.

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I had this happen the other day and just pulled in an image. Then it corrected itself the next time.

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I am having the same issue. I always have been able to click “upload” and add a file on my computer. Now when I click the upload button, nothing happens. why is this happening?

I am able to drag a file into the interface. However I don’t understand why the upload button isn’t working.

They often push out “updates” that break certain functionality, but it’s working for me in chrome, firefox and safari. Both from the dashboard and the workspace.

Suggest trying a different browser, or updating what you have (all mine are the latest versions).

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