Can't Calibrate - Can't Print - intermittent access

Basically, my GF is fine, but your infrastructure is not - if you need to charge me a monthly fee to pay for more AWS resources then just tell me what it is, because not being able to use my laser during the 3 hour window I can use it daily is pretty lame, guys.

or if you’re having a devops failure, do you need more devops?

I realize this is pissy but I’m pissed. my day job is doing the stuff you need, and suffering for the lack of it here in my off time is no fun.


That you’re pissed comes through clearly, as does your believe that there are (unspecified)
“failures” in devops. Since you work in devops, how would you react to the tone of your complaint? Just curious. Btw, I’m a ops engineer. :wink:


I find it very odd the number of customers who complain about this type of issue while there are others, such as myself, who do not see this type of issue at all or very rarely. I have never had the experience you discuss, and I have used the GlowForge over a wide variety of times of day. I suspect that while there may be some capacity issues on the GF side, most issues are capacity issues between your GF and the server. Maybe your neighbor’s WiFi interferes, or everyone in your area starts Netflix at the same time.
If everyone goes down at once, yes, blame the server. If one or two or ten people out of hundreds go down, maybe it isn’t the server.


Yeah, I know. I was upset. However the project I needed to complete last night is still not done, and that’s tough - it’s bothersome to realize I can’t actually rely on this device to work when needed.

if you don’t think capacity planning is a failure? I dunno. I wouldn’t like people complaining at me either but if I earned it, I’d probably work hard at resolving the problem. or, you know, having a status page so that affected people could have some mechanism of checking to see if there is actually a problem instead of spending two hours flicking their glowforge off and on in the futile hope it will hit some resource pool with available resources. I got one more “calibrate and cut” session in 1.5 hours of doing so.

in my work we aim to communicate with our customers - aside from “we’re sorry, we failed you” - so you’ll forgive me if I’m a little burned on that with my glowforge. I like this device a lot but it lives or dies based on the quality of the cloud service backing it.


maybe we are in different geographical areas? I have no idea how they structure that on their end. My glowforge sits on the end of a gigabit fiber pipe with commercial APs so I don’t think the wifi or the internet here was an issue.

That is possible, but I am on residential internet and have very few problems. I am just pointing out a behavior that I have observed.

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It will likely be useful to include some specific information. Time, for example. Next time this happens, note the time here. This “3 hour window” of yours… when is that window? Is it always 3 hours? Is it always the same 3 hours?

last night (central time) starting around 7:30 my device became unresponsive, and I got the “Sorry, can’t calibrate, turn off/on again” message, over and over. at around 8:30 after many power cycles it calibrated and cut just fine, but then after that cut completed, it returned to the same situation. I eventually gave up getting anything done for the night and went to bed.

I opened a support ticket with more information so I suppose whenever they look at that, they can use that to see what was happening (and disregard this post).

it had all the feels of a “I’m trying to connect to an oversubscribed service, and it only is working when I find an open resource to connect to”.

If there was perhaps some sort of status page… ? that would make it a lot easier to understand “oh hey we’re maxed out here right now as the west coast folks start trying to laser cut in the evening also”.

Anyway, I’m looking for answers from support, I’ll just wait for them to eventually answer my ticket. I’ll try my jobs again this evening and see what happens. With an infant in the house my only hours of personal time are 6-9pm, hopefully that helps explain a little why it’s so frustrating to lose those hours.


Thanks for letting us know about this. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.