Can't check out with safety glasses


I am trying to check out of the store with 2 pairs of safety glasses in my cart. I get an error that says
"Value must be less than or equal to 0" highlighting the quantity of glasses in my cart.

Problem with Checking Out

max=“0” was set on the quantity element. I set it to 2 to let myself complete check out.


Brings back memories of hacking the HTML in various shopping carts…


One of my favorites.

the application was


Perhaps they are out of stock and you overrode the stock control!


If they only validate such things on the client side then they have bigger problems. Client validation should be for convenience only.


Thank you for letting us know! Unfortunately, we’re out of stock on the Pro Laser Safety Glasses. I’ve removed these items from your order and refunded your store credit, plus shipping costs. I apologize for the inconvenience.