Cant connect to wifi

hello I’m having the same issue. the connection process makes no sense to me. I use my phone as hotspot. there is no interference. its sitting right by the glowforge. the laptop that I’m using that’s connected to my phones hotspot is right by the glowforge too. I can use the internet just fine with my laptop using the phones hotspot, even went to the setup page for glowforge, followed the steps and when it tells me to pick the glowforge I do, it connects and says “no internet,open”. I assume its because you said it would disconnect from the internet to connect the glowforge, but the screen never goes forward to let me choose the hotspot from the wifi list. I got the pro. and this is how this thing acts? unreal. equipment that costs far less can simply connect to the internet, im losing money. cant even get my business started because this thing wont connect to the internet? wth?

Couple of things to check…the Glowforge uses 2.4GHz bandwidth, so use that for the connection if you have a router that has both.

The Troubleshooting instructions from Glowforge at the point where you say you’ve gotten are outlined at the link in blue below:

Can’t Find Network in List

And there are a couple of videos below that walk through the setup process, one of those might help you to figure it out.

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thanks for responding. yes my phone hotspot is 2.4. I have also seen these two videos. still not working… :man_facepalming:

If you ran through the troubleshooting tips as well, someone from support will probably need to look into it for you. They’ll get you squared away as soon as they see your post here. :slightly_smiling_face:

actually the one video did help. it showed me what I was not doing. once you choose the glowforge you have to go back to that list on the setup page and choose the hotspot! did that. then it gives me the error

so I followed all the steps. it got all the way to the end and still says it didn’t connect! not sure why when the phone hotspot is 2.4…

I have managed to connect only ONCE to my phone hotspot, which is 2.4Hz. Any other time it wouldn’t work. Have you tried connecting to your regular WiFi? Is it absolutely necessary you use a hotspot?

I can’t help with why the hotspot doesn’t work, but it’s always good to know if you can connect to WiFi at all.

hello, thanks for your response. well when I try the regular wifi it does the same thing. which confuses me that this very critical part of this equipment is so sensitive. I stay in Airbnb. which means I cant just go unplug the wifi and my room might not be by the glowforge. so to avoid that I use my phone as a hotspot right by glowforge.

but what did you do to connect to wifi? maybe it will help.

Yes they sent me new one and it work’s perfect. Not sure what was wrong with first one, but yeah it would not connect.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag!

Based on the trouble you’re running into, I’d like to see if connecting directly to your available Wi-Fi will help resolve the trouble.

I see that you have already reached out to us via email, and we have sent over some additional steps. I’ll close this thread, and continue working on the snag directly.

Thank you!