Can't cut 1/4 inch Baltic birch

Hi there,
I am having the hardest time all of a sudden cutting through 1/4 inch baltic birch. I was cutting it at speed 135, full power, depth .25 and fh .25 with one pass. Now, no matter what i do, it will not cut through, and I really don’t want to have to do 2 passes. The laser is clean and lenses are fine. I’m really stumped. Last year for my Christmas craft shows I made so many things with 1/4 inch, and now it won’t do it. Any suggestions will be appreciated

Had my unit for 18 months and the tube seems to have the same power as when new. If mine had a hard time I would suspect the cleanliness of the 4 surfaces, the automatic focus measurement (two more windows), or the consistency of the plywood glue. Formulations change all the time if bought at the big box home stores


Where are you sourcing it from? Do other things still cut through with the same settings? Do you have any scrap pieces leftover from Christmas you can try cutting through?

If only the new plywood is not cutting, it would indicate you are not getting true Baltic Birch, or a bad lot.

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That’s what I was thinking, a bad lot, I get it from the same place.

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From what I’ve read it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to change their glue formulas and it can change your settings batch to batch. That could certainly be the issue I think.


Just for reference, I’m using 130/Full for cutting the last batch of BB that I bought.


Is your lens in upside down? Longshot but worth asking.

Nope, lens is fine. We cleaned everything again and it’s better.

I’ve always had to do 2 passes to consistently get through 1/4" BB.

I need two passes on 1/4 inch also

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