Can't delete ear savers files

Remember when Apple put U2 into everybody’s iTunes?

Glowforge has put these ear savers things into my workspace. The difference between Apple and Glowforge is that I can’t seem to delete these unwanted files.

Does anybody know the workaround?



An e-mail to support asking them to remove the files in your library should do.


Or just modify the design in your library to replace it with something else?

I think I accidentally deleted my “Gift of Good Measure” because I was still in that project when I was first learning how to use my GF. So I deleted the GOGM from the bed and uploaded my own design for the next cut. Now the original is gone.

You know you can get it back, right? :wink:


I know I can if I bug support. Is there another way?

Yep. Open the design, click the 3 dots in the toolbar, select “design details,” then there should be a button to reset the design. :slight_smile: (This only works for catalog designs.)


Have you tried clicking the down arrow at the upper right of the Earsavers design thumbnail and clicking Delete? That should remove the design from your library.

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(It does not, unlike every other library file.)

Weird. The option is there but it won’t highlight.

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Thanks for the answers. As you’ve noticed, deletion is not an option. And yes, I’ve bugged support. They told me to delete it. :roll_eyes:

Anyone else got a workaround?

Just create a bunch more project files so that one gets moved to the bottom where you can ignore it. :wink:

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Thank you everyone for the discussion and answers! @jon.minhinnick, I’ve asked the team for a solution to this, but don’t have anything to add to the community’s answers today.

I know this is a bit off topic, but it adds some context to the “free gifts” or “here, let me take care of that for you.”

I have an iPhoneX. I like it. I don’t call upon Siri too often. Recently though I have been asking the AI to dial the phone for me. I have ordered pizza out more in recent months that I ever have since I haven’t been able to get out to the farm and fire up my oven.

I had the habit of just saying, “Hey Siri!” and then wait for a response before I said “play pandora”. Finally she got fed up with my ignorance and said, "Did you know that you can just say, “hey Siri, Play Pandora and the music will start playing automatically.”

Wow. That’s cool. So I did it. First time was Lady Gaga belting out her latest pop. Second time was Miley Cyrus doing the same. Mind you I have no pop music stations set up. Nothing even remotely to suggest I would listen to this. So today it was a a country singer whining away.

So this is a fascinating thing. So I figured I could get specific and say, “Hey Siri, play Ralph Vaugh Williams Radio, one of my stations.” Nope.

So their between Pandora and Apple, the algorithm controls it so their choices play, not mine.

I know I can solve this by paying for Pandora or join Spotify or any other service. But just documenting that what is free is never free. Well, at least this time.


Hi @Rita! It’s been a week. What update do you have? My best guess is your webdev forgot to set a flag on the database while doing the SQL insert. Can they run an update? It’s probably not more complicated than:
UPDATE CustomerCutFiles
SET AllowDelete = 1
WHERE FileName = "Earsavers’;

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