Can't Drag Entire SVG

I have run across something a few times recently while doing things on the Glowforge where I will have an SVG with multiple parts (all designed in one color so they will all be a “cut” function), but when I go to drag them somewhere else, it only grabs one of the parts.

Ok, so I know this is a thing so you can arrange things for material savings.

The most recent instance of this was just now when I was arranging some of the Honeycomb Hold Down Clips to cut, and it kept dragging the outline of the object, but not the little vertical slit. I was ignoring the engraving on it. And this is not my design…but I have had it happen to one of my designs.

I was copying and pasting a few of these all over the place within the GFUI…and sometimes, the entire object would drag and sometimes, it would take one of the pieces and not the other.

It is incredibly frustrating!

I know the trick of clicking and dragging around the entire object. From there, I should be able to drag everything highlighted to a different location. Click and drag…highlight it all…go to click and the items are still separate.

What is the deal?! What am I doing wrong? Am I not holding my mouth the right way?


If I am doing more than one thing and working with scraps of product I will give the objects separation so can grab them entire one at a time and position.
Just grabbing what is available will at times only grab partial, so got to include all in a masking square, and not move at all unless the move cross goes active.

Also get tongue in right position for the win. I prefer slightly to the left.

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Got it on the tongue part.

However, not sure I understood about giving the objects separation so you can grab them all at one time and position. Do you mean, I don’t need to tell it to ignore the engrave until I position all where I want them?

If the items you are dragging are not completely enclosed by a joined shape, they can be dragged separately.

The honeycomb pins aren’t joined. They look like they are, but they’re not joined at the nodes in a couple of places.

It’s not an issue - you just need to remember to select everything using either CTRL+A or a selection rectangle.

Or you can join the nodes and it will function as a closed unit.


I saw that they were separate pieces in the design.

What I don’t understand is how some of these honeycomb clips drag all at once, but when I copy/past more into the GFUI, at random time, one of them will drag separately. Even when using the selection rectangle, sometimes it will let me drag them all. Sometimes, it won’t.

Oh that…yeah it sometimes pastes the copies so that they overlap the originals, and depending on where you grab them, you can drag the wrong things, or just one of the bunch.

Simplest thing to do is move everything using the arrow keys on the keyboard until you can get them clear of the originals. Then you can grab them and move them.


Whew! I thought I was going crazy!
Glad to hear others have the same issues.

I’ll use the arrow keys trick…that should work. Thanks!

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Yes, this happens to me too occasionally. I’ve spent far too much time trying again and again to get everything to move together, before giving up and using the arrow keys.

The GFUI has what I refer to as a “minefield” user interface, where you have to do everything very gingerly and second guess each step, but it still occasionally blows up in your face.


Agreed – CTRL+A then arrow keys is the most reliable way of moving items. If you need to move quickly, you may press the shift key while using the arrows to increase jumps by ~5X


I’m not sure why, but in my frustration last night, I completely forgot that you could actually use the arrow keys. ha ha. When @Jules told me that…I was like, “Oh yeeeeeaaaaahhhh!”


I like the minefield reference. That does happen.

OOOO…didn’t know that! Thanks!


Works in most editors, too…

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Yes. Thinking through how a design can be manipulated in the GFUI is a thing. I’ve been bitten by that a few times when I hadn’t joined parts of an object. Then the whole copy and paste and where it reappears is tricky. Select all and and arrow through keyboard works when the mouse and drag and pointer doesn’t.

I like the minefield analogy. It’s true.

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