Can't get a file to process "an error occurred while preparing your print" Help! It's way to close to Christmas for this!

Might just be the way to go, that said I’m not sure why this is an ongoing issue. Realistically we shouldn’t have this type of limitation or need for work arounds. Thanks for checking that out

True on the DPI no reason to hit it that hard.

With less than half at 2:24 hrs, that means the full print is over 5 hrs long. While they made improvements with long prints, that is still really long. The longest I’ve heard of so far was slightly more than 3hrs.

The HD print is set to 450 LPI. I wanted to go slightly over that. Otherwise, why not just change the LPI in the GFUI.

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I think the server kicks back files above 20’ish mb.

Anyways, about choking it:
LPI = DPI / 2

It’s processing those points for motion planning regardless of whether it’s 10dpi or 1000 dpi. If the server is respecting and processing image sizes correctly, then 900dpi would process at 450lpi with zero interpolation. If it is lower dpi, it will have to interpolate those points anyways. No?

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Dropping it to SD I was able to get the print to a glowing “Go” button… that said it’s past my bed time! Thanks so much everyone! Time to dream of lasers and sugar plumbferry’s


I split the engrave right in half and on HD settings it’s 3hr 37 minutes so overall a 7 hour print plus the processing time the server does for motion planning.

IMO HD is overkill for almost everything except SMALL stuff, and most certainly anything made on wood. The medium simply can not resolve that kind of detail.


That is good to know! Thanks!

I think it’s my bed time as well.

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Hats off to you gentlemen helping a user analyze his project file in the 11th hour. That kind of giving makes this place great! :+1::sunglasses:


I’m sorry it took us so long to respond, @gabegat. Thanks for your patience, and thanks everyone for the help!

Were you able to get this file printed?

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On SD engrave I was able to get the file run. Thanks again to everyone who pitched in!


Wow! That turned out great! Thanks for following up. I’m going to close this thread since you’re good to go. If you run into any other trouble, please open a new thread or email us at We’re here to help!