Can't get ahold of anyone at GF, bought a new laser and it will not work

hi! I’m a GF user for about a year and a half - just bought a second one. This new one won’t work - the lid doesn’t even fully close which might be why it doesn’t do anything else. it’s connect to the internet but then it just spins on “focusing” or focus or what ever, never moves passed that.

I’ve been trying for 3 days and can’t reach anyone at GF, by email, by phone, by live chat - nothing,

how do I get ahold of someone??

when you emailed did you get the auto reply in response?


There is no live chat.

They also don’t work on weekends.

It can take several business days for them to get back to you.

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Sometimes when it isn’t on a flat surface it doesn’t close properly I have read and wedging some legs up helps.

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thanks it is on a flat surface

I meant the “chat” option on the website - it sent a message for me that it said they’d reply to. separately I sent an email and I’ve left VM’s but I haven’t heard back. it’s very frustrating that it would take them several days.

I did yea, it basically said someone would get back to me (eventually?) they other email I got just confirmed my info, name … email… etc but that was it. it also seemed like an automatically sent draft

Again, there is no chat option on the website. The “contact us link” replaced the publishing of the support email. It is not a chat option.

In the US

Support Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm Pacific

For Technical Support, questions, or to provide feedback, contact us here

For Sales, email

Phone : Call (855) 338-2122 and leave us a message.

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you could try to shim the legs one at a time until the case closes properly, the case could be warped a little bit. search the forum for it.


I’ve tried all of those options and still can’t reach anyone. there’s is an icon at the bottom right of the website that you can click on to send a message - thats what I’m referring to as a “chat” thats what the icon looks like. I’ve tried that, I’ve emailed support, I’ve done the contact us fill in form and I’ve called 4 times in 4 days. I’m just not not reaching anyone.

thank you, I just tried but I don’t know if I’m just not doing it right or if that isn’t the problem. it is on a flat surface but I tried using a small shim on either side to see if the lid would close and it still won’t. I read that the hinges are spring loaded and I think the hing might be the problem because it will close if you push it down but then it pops back up

thank you for all of the replies! I appreciate it =) I really need to reach someone at Glowforge tho because its just not working at all and I can’t get ahold of anyone or get a call back - I’ve called four times in four days, I’ve emailed and I did the fill in form under “contact us” and no one is reaching back. is this normal??

I’m sorry you’re having problems. Just take a moment to breathe…you sound pretty frustrated and I can’t blame you for that. This is pretty normal wait time for support…try to be patient.

The hinges are not spring loaded. The hinges will stay open and hold the lid at almost any angle. I still think you are experiencing a very common problem that can be solved by some shims. Mine’s been shimmed for probably 4 years now…and many others have done the same thing. Can you attach a photo here so we can see what you’re talking about?

Also, the lid not fully closing doesn’t have anything to do with constant focusing…those are two different issues. As stated by other members, there is no chat nor way to reach them by phone…only email. Hope you get everything up and running soon, again.

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Can you show us a picture of lid?

It truly sucks, but emailing/calling/whatever more often won’t make them answer faster. They’ve always answered when they do for whatever mysterious reason. Sometimes super fast, generally after some days. It’s been like that for years.

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it is very frustrating. It’s also unprofessional. its not like these are cheap. to get one that doesn’t work straight from the box is annoying, but then to not be able to get any help with it? thats not cool.

I can try the shims again but I agree with Xabbess that it two different issues, as I’m not receive a “lid open” message

this is my second Glowforge and my first one also came non-functioning, it ultimately had to be sent back and replaced. this feels like history repeating itself. at least then someone did call me back.

one thing in the past that helped folks, and is what I did, is pick the unit up from the DEPOT. that way the unit doesn’t get jostled around on the “last mile” to your house.

Didn’t help me much. Box was leaning against the wall on a short side, and probably had for a day or two because the second box didn’t show up until later. It wasn’t until I removed the exhaust fan when it failed that I discovered the staining on the left side. Box was also beaten up and missing two of the handles. Finally, when they loaded it onto a cart for me to take to my car, they literally just pushed it over until it fell onto it.

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Yeah I thought so too since it is on a wooden slab, but I could still adjust the gap difference on mine with some thin shivs.
For such a heavy machine, the three segments have a lot of flex.

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