Can't get anyone to answer my very simple question about moving my Glowforge

I have tried twice to get someone to assist me with getting together the right parts for moving my Glowforge. The first time I reached out, no one answered. I ended up figuring it out myself. I threw away the orange and red bits for securing the machine but I found them on the website and ordered them. I never received a confirmation e-mail and can’t find a way to track my order. I e-mailed yet again and no answer. I need to move this machine and do not want to harm it in the process. Please someone tell me if my parts are on the way. Thank you.

This opens a ticket the same way an email opens one so, eventually it’ll get to the top of the stack. Maybe double check your spam/junk folders just in case. Otherwise it’s the waiting game.

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Hang onto those parts as well as the box when you do get them. Never throw them away.


thank you!!! Yes, I learned the hard way. I kept the boxes but obviously tossed the rest. Have a great day!!!

When you say you need to move your Glowforge what do you mean by move? If it is just you transporting it to another location or are you talking about a moving company or shipping it? I have seen pictures of the employees at the Glowforge company moving one of their machines to a local location in the trunk of a car without the shipping box. You would just need to put some bubble wrap or such to keep the gantry and head from sliding around. If you are shipping it or have gorilla movers to deal with then a more secure method is in order.


That’s how I do it when I’m bringing it to local makerfaires and demonstrations. They’re short trips (<50miles) and I use a dolly to move it when I pull it out of the car or truck. I lift it myself so it’s getting tilted and tipped but considering what UPS did to it, I think I’m still much easier on it than when it travelled here from GF even if it isn’t in a box.


I stuffed mine full of dirty laundry when we moved across country. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Don’t use clean stuff – it’s all gonna come out smelling smoky!) I had it in the back of my truck though; I didn’t trust the movers with it.


I don’t use the orange bits, did you?

I did, but I filled it up with soft stuff anyway. I wasn’t taking any chances!

The bed of a pickup is a pretty harsh environment compared to the back seat of a car. Lots of significant jolts, even around town, so on a long trip it would be important to have it locked down and padded (as when shipped.)


Exactly. Hence the dirty laundry. It also sat on top of a folded blanket to soften the bumps. :slight_smile: The truck was pulling a small trailer, albeit not a terribly heavy one (it was filled with 4 parrots and a German shepherd in their respective cages/crates), but it seemed like that should also help to dampen some of the usual pickup bed jouncing. It felt like a better option than trusting it to strangers!


Hell, yeah! Was not criticizing, more validating that’s not necessary in the back seat of a car for a trip across town.

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I know you had better luck than me. Apparently the truck had been recalled for starting fires in the bed, but of course those who bought used never got the memo and all my stuff that was put in the truck bed and cabin was not even recognisable in the dust.

I’m so sorry for the difficulty. It looks like we haven’t received your emails. I’ve just sent you an email to the address on this account, and I’m going to leave this thread open in case it doesn’t arrive. If the email doesn’t reach you, will you post here and let me know?

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email