Can't get artwork to show on material

I put artwork in GF and went to create then clicked on capture . Artwork appeared on screen then drew a box around it. Optional say to show what i wanted cut, however it’s only to be engraved. Removed artwork and inserted material. Screen shows the cutting board but not the artwork.

Have you selected settings for the engrave? Can you share a photo of the interface? Have you zoomed out to make sure the artwork is not “hiding” in the upper corner or somewhere else?

After you chose “capture” your artwork appeared on the bed. Then you should have clicked “place artwork” to position the artwork on the material. Did you see the “place artwork” tab?

I know now they have this trial thing going on and wonder if that could be the reason for my situation. I didn’t see place artwork. I will crank up the GF and try it again. Thanks for the response.

I got it. Thanks again

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