Can't get past "focusing" (long time between last use and now)

I saw a “focusing” issue where Jules mentioned “updating,” so maybe my GF is downloading updates? Is there some way to monitor or check this?

Before I got to this point, I had issues with getting my wifi to cooperate with the GF, and once that was fixed, I thought I’d be off and running, but…

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Leaving the lid open and restarting seems to have done the trick.


I’m having the same issue. I have tried leaving lid open and reopening the program and even powering off the glowforge itself. Still “focusing”

First thing to try is always cleaning the lenses. And make sure your lens is in the right way (open side goes toward the top of the GF).

Check your wifi connection.

Eliminate any glare from ambient room lighting that could be confusing the camera.

Take out your materials and try restarting with nothing on the honeycomb tray.

Thanks, I have done all these. Still nothing.

Then you should open your own support ticket by posting here in Problems & Support or emailing support (but not both, as duplicate tickets slow things down). (Commenting on someone else’s ticket won’t get your problem addressed–only one person per ticket.)

EDIT: Oops, I see you already did. Hopefully they’ll get you forging again quickly!