Cant get past welcome page

I have my GF set up and ready to go. I’m trying to print the first good measure freebie and the first step is go to the app and sign in on the owner page. It just keeps sending me to the welcome page and showing me how to unbox, etc. I just keep going in a circle that I can never get past.

Did you actually get to configuring the wifi? Because if that didn’t complete it will do that…

I did

But then it tells me to go to the owners page to start the printing, but it sends me back to the welcome page for setup.

And assuming the button isn’t glowing some funny color (like Teal), hmmm. Well you’ve opened a support ticket so presumably support will weigh in.

You want to go to: and the “dashboard” is the cutting UI.

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

@elderberryplace I see that you were able to print the Gift of Good Measure. I’m going to leave this open for now. Let us know if you are still having trouble logging into the app.

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