Can't get ribbon to seat correctly

I can’t seem to get the lid ribbon to seat correctly on the right side. Its so difficult to see well where they are at. Anyone else have this issue? Any constructive advice would be greatly appreciated

Updated issue: I finally got my phone and a better light back there. Seems like the clip piece has an issue. Is this user fixable?

Sorry I don’t have any advice…it can be a huge challenge, I know. I had to replace mine and my 78 year-old eyes are not very good anymore. Best of luck.


Wow. Haven’t seen that before. I’m wondering how there was enough heat generated to melt that. Does the end of the cable exhibit any heat damage?
Be sure the machine is off before manipulating any connections.

Faced with having to purchase a refurbished machine, I would probably attempt to clean that connection seat up with an exacto knife and number 11 blade. Highly detailed work, requiring significant magnification, and a steady hand.


I agree! Worked perfectly fine when i turned it off the night before?
Then nothing :unamused:

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