Can't get the camera to read prints

I have been at this for a couple hours. The machine turns on, goes through it’s “clicky” noises, then nothing happens and the screen says that the camera is unable to capture a print and asks me to turn off, open and close lid and try again. The machine goes from focus, to calibrating to giving the same message and stays circling on “scanning”. I have turned it on and off, open and closed the lid, checked all of the 5 port latches, cleaned the mirrors, cleaned the camera with a Zeiss wipe, cleaned the printer box with isopropyl alcohol, unplugged it for 10 minutes and turned it back on, left it on for over 10 minutes, started it with the bar in the center and the box under the camera, turned my phone light on over the camera (to give it more light?), disconnected power from the unit and from the wall, went to a hotspot connection, restarted my wi-fi, restarted my computer, and cleared my cache. I believe I did ALL of the things…I REALLY need this to work as my small business is depending on it! I did send an email to support, but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to send one here as well. Help!!!

Sending an email and posting here will open a duplicate ticket which they’ll close once they realize - but posting here allows forum members to help if they can see anything. Next time do one or the other (forum if you want a faster response from non-employees - email if you want to keep it private and only get official answers).

That being said! It really looks like you’ve done all the things (thank you for specifying). It’s possible that your cable has a break in it inside the protective coating, which will require a replacement. The black cable can be replaced at home - the white requires a repair trip.

Ok…so what do I do now? How do we get this resolved & my orders back up?

This won’t help you in the moment, but if your business requires your Glowforge, I suggest having spare parts on hand. Your issue could be the black lid cable which is available for purchase from Glowforge. I also suggest having back up optics and wheels.

Will someone from glowforge CALL me so I can ask some more questions? This unit is 8 months old! Shouldn’t it still be on warranty? Also, what does a “repair trip” mean…do I take it somewhere? Does someone come to my home? I am so at a loss…
Also…why have I seen several people with this exact same issue? Seems like some weird defect. I mean, it was ABSOLUTELY fine about 2 hours prior to it deciding not to work anymore.

They will respond to this post - but it’s “in the order received” so it may take a little longer. There is only one repair facility currently, if it requires that they’ll send you a shipping label. Warranties on the Basic are 6mo and 1year on the Pro (I’m not sure on the Plus), so maybe. The cables can last for years (I’ve never had to replace any of time for example) but if the they are hit or rubbed by debris, etc. they can fail.
Wait until you hear from support though, because it may be something completely different! They can look at the logs from the back end and get an error reading that gives more info than the one sent to the GFUI.


I can see that you’ve also reached out via email and that our support team has contacted you there. To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.