Can't import additional artwork to my own designs!

Very disappointed with the Glowforge user interface! I created a new design (which I actually made in Coreldraw and saved to SVG). I went to the Glowforge app and imported it just fine. Then I discovered when I tried to add another of my images to it - NO GO! Glowforge doesn’t “allow” that. Anyone have any ideas about this?

You can drag and drop jpegs, png files, svg files and pdf files. The new file will appear at the top.


Whoops… I finally found the ADD ARTWORK part of the interface. Thanks to all who are being patient with me. I’m an old Universal M-300 laser guy who’s learning the ropes with the new Glowforge!


You can mark this as solved since you found the instructions that you were missing.

May I suggest that you go through the entirety of the First Prints, some of it may be old hat, but it’ll teach you things you need to know about this laser :slight_smile: The answer to this one is covered in section 2: Trace and Print a Sketch


I am so glad you were able to find the Add Artwork option and that others were able to assist! I am going to go ahead and close this thread.