Can't Log In Under User Name

I am logged in correctly on my phone as Silverlight, but my computer keeps logging me in under dsuhr. That’s the son who bought me the Glowforge. All my saved posts, etc. are under Silverlight. Can you help?

Click on your avatar at the top of every page. Click on your username. Click on “Log out” then log in using the correct account.


Thanks, but I did try that several times. It automatically logs me in as dsuhr.

Then that’s a browser issue, not a GF technical support issue.


{sigh} It would be.

If you share what browser you are using, someone might have a suggestion.

I use Chrome on Mac, but can log in and out and use different accounts on Chrome, Safari, Firefox…

Did you try clearing the browser cache?

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I will.

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I’m using Chrome on an HP desktop.

Just tested using a 2nd account using chrome, no issues.

It takes a few steps as you go thru the UI login first, but it works as you’d expect (none of my saved designs are visible when I log in using a 2nd account)

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It shows as Silverlight when I go to the site, but when I log into Community, it automatically changes to dsuhr. It also doesn’t show any other account.

This sounds very odd, but I think we can help @Silverlight ! Since this does deal with sensitive account information I’ll be sending you a private message requesting information and closing out this thread.