Can't move individual objects in pdf around to arrange layout

Hi, when I up load PDF the layout is off-bed, so I am trying to click on an object and move them around, but the whole layout only can be highlighted. i had used this file before and done the same thing, not sure why I can’t now. I’m using Chrome

Things are often locked like this in PDF, open it in Inkscape or your favorite art program and explode what needs to be and then save as an SVG.


I’m sorry for my late response. Thanks for letting me know about this.

I’ll look into it and update the topic when I have more information.

Thanks @markevans36301, and thank you @jeff.hunt for your patience.

Your design file likely has a large number of individual lines that aren’t joined together. If you use design software like Inkscape to open your design, then use the “Join selected nodes” button to join the individual lines, you’ll be able to move the shape you created independently of the rest of the design.

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