Can't move on to the next step. HELP!

We just set up our GF & we can’t move on from this step! Can someone help?
We’ve powered computer & GF off & on & have tried 2 computers .

Did you get this resolved? I’m having the same issue. Put in a support ticket like 5 - 6 hours ago!

No. So frustrating!

Try running through the setup with a different web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc) or a different computer/device. I think you can even use your phone.

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I just got a response. They are checking my web browser. I may have something in there that’s causing an issue…

I hope they can figure it out & respond to mine too!

We tried a different browser & my phone. Still no good

I’m fixed. Customer Service said they have been having problems with Chrome and Explorer. I downloaded Firefox, repeated the setup and within 60 seconds I was successful! Give it a try.


It worked! Thank you so much!

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Hi Thank you for following up to let us know you were able to complete the setup using Firefox. I just replied to your open email ticket for this same issue. Since problem has been resolved, I’ll go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to reply to my email if you run into any further trouble and I’ll be happy to help. Thank you!