Cant order from Says cant ship isnt letting me finish my order. It says cant ship outside the US but I am in the US. Same address they have sent 3 Glowforges and a couple of PG orders. All I’m ordering is spare parts and some proofgrade materials.

Please take down your image - you have personal information including your email address. This is dangerous to publish on the internet.

I would use the chat option to resolve this once it is available or email since you are dealing with an order. I think that support will just transition to email for all tickets like this one.


I get that same error but it’s never continued once I got into the cart :frowning: Fingers crossed they figure it out for you!

@spooner7701 We’ll take a look into why this issue was popping up for you but it looks like you were able to place an order. I’ll be closing out this thread, but please feel free to open another one should the issue arise again.