Can't print anything. Print job fails, calibrating again. Like when the first iphone came out and nobody could activate it

I’ve been trying to print something for 2 hours, but I’m stuck in an endless loop of the job failing to print, then the glowforge calibrating AGAIN for a long time. Over and over.

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Only problem I’ve had recently resulted from one of my little monsters putting my laptop into airplane mode.

ok I cut my job down to 1/3 as many at once and now it’s printing. This part alone is taking 1 hour 39 minutes, so the total job would have been almost 5 hours. Maybe that’s too much for it to bite off at once?

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For now, at least.

Yes. At the moment the magic number is somewhere around 3 hours.

Work is being done to fix this.


I’m sorry you ran into trouble. It’s good to hear you were able to get printing. Since you’re good to go, I’m going to close this thread, but please open a new thread if needed.