Can't reply on my thread

Getting this message when trying to respond on a topic I started. This isn’t my first day in the forum I went to my profile and I don’t show as an owner, no trust level shown and maybe other things are different

Support can fix that, obviously. Just curious - did you buy your machine used, or use a different email to register here than when you purchased?


I bought it from my son. I’ve had a registered user account since he purchased it and transferred ownership to that email. It used to show me as owner and for a while as a Basic member.

Got it. Yeah, it can reset and you lose that status, possibly with a software update. They can easily fix it.

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Thank You

Looks like you are also missing the Owner badge so a few things need to be setup correctly. :smiley:

Yeah, he said that in the OP… :slight_smile:

I guess sometimes we all need a fresh new start. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Did this post open a ticket or do I need to send an email?

It opened a ticket.


Got it. I read it as he didn’t have owner as a title selection I missed the badge reference.

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@ovm.steve I’ve sent you an email to resolve this issue and I’m going to close this topic now. Thanks!


I just wanted to add, I have had many memberships in various forums through the years and this is by far the best one. Even with my limited experience and knowledge everyone has treated me with kindness and respect. To those who are having frustrating issues, be patient and give it time these people are truly here to help. Thank you all.