Can't see or cut full size


I am not able to see or work with the top few inches of the bed. In the image below, the rectangle is 11x15 so it should be able to fit, and the paper inside the bed fits just fine. Why can’t i use the entire laser cutter bed to cut on?

First, the artwork is located outside of the screen, if you see the grey edges on the bottom and the right, that’s the boundaries of where you can place your work, to the top edge there. Also, your artwork is 11.811 inches high. The total height the laser can take if you are not using the passthrough is 10.97 inches. At least that’s the highest I’ve ever been able to get. So after you resize to just under 11 inches, you can line your work up with the bottom right hand corner of the bed by putting your artwork in just before the greyed out section. It should light and no longer be dotted.


Also, if you’re not meaning to cut out the rectangle, ignore it, and just enter the 20-lb copy paper in the materials. The image on the inside just needs settings and it’s ready to go.


Also, if you have a pro, go to the three dots next to the Text button, and turn on pro passthrough, it’ll let you put in larger work, you’ll just have to shift the material forward after it cuts the first section.





Because the head can’t get to the whole bed. We’re limited to the space @CMadok outlined already.


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