Can't see purchase history anymore


I was trying to find my purchase history and can’t see it anymore from the main :glowforge: site. I need to cancel my filter for my pro. I’ve been able to manage without it.

I also can’t see any future need for it as I had to spend additional money to get within the acceptable temperature limits for me to forge and can vent outside without any interference.


I think your best bet will be to send an email directly to support. (It’s what I did when I cancelled mine.)




They DO need to fix the purchase history page, though.


That’s odd. I’m having no trouble seeing my entire purchase history (by logging directly into including the filter purchase. I also see it all, displayed slightly differently, if I click the drop down menu on my username while logged in to the app then click on “settings” then “purchase history”. If one of these ways isn’t working for you, maybe try the other.


Good Morning (Day) I can see it now. Thanks!


Yep, looks like they fixed it. For the past couple of weeks it’s been generating an error message and saying they would look into it.


I’m glad to hear it’s working for you! Thanks for emailing us as well. We’re working on this there, so I’ll close this post.

Purchase history inaccessible