Can't set Ignore or Change Actions on iPad

I was able to recently purchase a new iPad. I figured this might be a good solution instead of going up and down the stairs in my house to get to my glowforge from my PC. Not the best setup, but it works. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I just created a file to cut out in Affinity Designer, but when I go to the Glowforge app on the web browser, I can’t choose to ignore one step like I can on my browser on my PC. I would love to use the iPad for designing and cutting with the Glowforge, but wondering if I have made a bad decision with my iPad purchase now. Any suggestions?

I don’t use my iPad for designing, but I do use Affinity Designer. I just looked at the UI though on my iPad and pulled up one of my designs on the dashboard. I was able to successfully change actions on the steps…from ignore and back to cut. My only thought is to try another web browser. I use Chrome exclusively for all my Glowforge stuff. Let us know if you figure it out.


Ignore on iPad works normally for me as well using Chrome. What browser are you using?


Hmm…it’s weird. I have to zoom out a little to have the settings window visible. I am using Chrome and Safari and both work the same for me. I have to zoom out a little, then I can see it and set what I want to. Then I go back to 100% to print. It works, but it is something quirky to it.

Thanks for the responses.

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