Cant specify thickness greater than 1/2"

Im trying to engrave on a cross for a customer and I only have one shot to get it right, so im trying to make sure everything is correct before I make the cut. but im finding that when im trying to specify the thickness of the material, 1.48" in the cut settings, it changes to the default of 1/2. does it matter for objects thicker than 1/2" ?

the crumble try is removed

With the crumb tray in the machine, the maximum height is 1/2". Search the forum for using the Glowforge with the crumb tray removed.

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The material thickness to be entered is the height above the crumb tray if it was still installed. In other words, zero material height would be at the top of the crumb tray.

The crumb tray is approximately 1.4" high. So if you remove the tray and place a 1.48" piece of material on the floor of the GF the correct entry would be 0.08".


thank you, that makes sense

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If you’re thinking of putting the cross in the machine and lining up your artwork with the camera view, you’re likely to end up with your one shot blown… the camera is not accurate enough to use for placement. You should read up on how to make a jig to locate and hold the part.

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Thanks for the answer @rpegg , that’s right! I’m going to close this thread.