Can't Upload Any New Files

Unable to upload any new files this morning as of 11:15 a.m. MST - only what is already in my gallery uploaded. Have had a customer try my files as well and has the same error. Have attempted to restart machine and browser but continue to receive error. No error code.

When I try to upload a file I get this message:


An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your Glowforge off and then on again.

I’ve done all the things and it’s still not working. I wonder if my problem is related to yours.

Having the same problem for last 30 min

I’m having the same issue

Me too. Imma try again later. I almost refunded my customer their money. I see it’s not just me. Glad I waited

I am having the same issue. I got a new file to upload, once after I opened an existing design, but not the 20 times after that.

yes, you are not alone! 2 more threads going about this issue. Just glad its not an issue with my machine this time. Terrible timing on the servers going down though.

This is a joke. Spend all this money and I cant even upload a file.

It is now acknowledged on the Glowforge Status page.

Where is that status page?

Thank you!

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thank you. would be nice if they provided an eta

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Yup, same here over in CA

Add to the list of issues that I can’t seem to upload any stock images/icons from the GF GUI; receiving an error and restart browser message each time I try to upload something from their stock image database.

Hope this is resolved soon; was hoping to spend the day fulfilling orders! What a bummer

It’s back up and running over here!

@hollymccaig Thank you so much for reaching out to us regarding this. We did have an issue which impacted your ability to upload, which should now be resolved. Please try your upload again. If there is an issue, reach back out and we’ll make sure that we get this taken care of for you