I had tried to do just the canvases before to see how well they turned out and they were fairly great, but i found (on accident) a metallic sheen by layering red, green, and blue gloss paints to get this! (Camera picks up on striping that doesn’t actually exist)


Wow, that’s pretty amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it before. Just ordinary acrylic paint? Nice job.


Very interesting effect.


beautiful stuff! :heart_eyes:

Just double check that you are not creating copper (or other metals)that could reflect back up to the laser by reducing the metallic salt pigment.

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The “metallic sheen” is more of an illusion, like an offset red and blue for 3d effects, but this is basically, very slightly, creating a 3d engrave on different layers of paint, which is ever so slightly reflecting certain pigments

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Forget about the “copper is evil” … laser optics simply don’t work that way.

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Stunning results!!!

Beautiful work–in prepping the images and the “happy accident” with the layered paints–just curious, do the results vary if you change the order of the paint application? (were all of these canvases with the same order?)


How long did it take to make those incredible works of art?

From what I can tell, if I start with the red i get almost a fleshy tone but I haven’t been able to recreate it. I think it depends on how thick I layer them


it only takes a few minutes to paint (obviously allowing for time to dry in between) and about an hour with etching


So cool! What are your settings for the engrave?

Forum rules prohibit non-PG settings anywhere outside of the Beyond the Manual section. Would you like me to move this thread over there for you so the settings can stay in it, or do you prefer just to delete them?

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Ah crap I knew that too and completely spaced last night. My bad lol. Joe6, if you want, you can message me for them

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I received your response via email before you had to delete it, so I have that. I appreciate it very much. I didn’t realize that a settings request would violate the rules. Now I know to message a poster in the future.

Thank you. :pray:t3:

Thanks again here’s my attempt this was a lot of fun!


This is just freaking awesome :heart:



Do you mind sharing these settings this is absolutlly stunning!!!

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Custom settings can’t be discussed in this forum.

You can search Beyond the Manual for existing discussions on working with canvas.

what settings did you use? Please DM me!