Cap v Hydra tic tac toe

So, continuing on from my trial with Star wars tic tac toe, I’ve been having some fun designing versions with some different famous opposite sides, this time Captain America vs Hydra! This time, I tried engraving and flipping the pieces, and although there was a bit of a misfire with the cherry plywood PG (some bits didn’t cut all the way through) it turned out ok after some tweaking.

As with the star wars one, I layered in a square of felt for a nicer game play experience.

I’m enjoying the variations on this little design, I think it could make some cute little stocking fillers for the end of the year…


That’s fun!

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I had heard that Cap was a Hydra- Foil er

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Nice project.

Fun. It is great to be able to come up with little things for almost anyone!

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This is very nicely done. I like that you put in the felt layer.

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