Card/decal display case



One of the first projects I thought of for my Glowforge was custom display cases for my postcards and decals. That’s still the goal but I have a show coming up in about two weeks and needed something to tide me over.

Searching on-line, I found Clear Solutions Displays. There factory is two towns from here (around the corner from where I used to live).I called them up this morning and drove over this afternoon to pick up this unit.

It will work for now. It will also serve as a good guide for making displays specifically tailored for my products. And, I can disassemble it, engrave my logo on it, and reassemble it.


Stinks that you don’t have a Glowforge to make these. So simple. Soon.


Yeah, as I was driving home from picking it up I thought I should have offered to pay one of you with a pre-release to make it for me. Instead, I got to support a local business and have a good guide for making more in the future.


Sounds like a win-win!


Yeah, that would be super simple for you to recreate and personalizing it would be awesome.
(Maybe a moose on the side panels…)

For that matter, engraved wooden post cards…hmmmmnnnn:wink:


Oh, that’s going on the to-do list! Never would have thought of that.