Card Game Fanatic Gift

Hearthstone Gift.
Youngest has a friend needing a gift and he mentioned the lad loved Hearthstone.
Not wanting to step on toes, I wasted an afternoon and designed an ‘imaginary’ legendary card for him.

Made two, since wanted to try something different than the first one. Hard to see but some homemade mirror acrylic is on the numbers (tin foil backing). Both have ‘things’ I don’t like about them, but they are suitable for a fast gifting.

Son’s problem is deciding which to keep and which to give.

Interesting thing about pictures. I noticed some masking I missed on the tasking banner. Really pops out with a picture.

edit: forgot a reference. These are about 5x7


You are a good dad. I can’t imagine a better gift for a kid than something custom made just for him, especially when it looks so professional.


Really a unique and fantastic gift for both son and friend.

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Yeah, that’s cool.

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Very creative … and amazing. Wow, you shouldn’t do anything but play with the Glowforge!

Both look great from here! And I too have minor issues with everything I do, but no one else seems to notice…:sunglasses: just saying :sunglasses:


Awesome gift!

Hey follow WoW player! I have played about the same length of time. Joining to play Classic when it comes out.

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