Card with gift card holder

I have been trying to figure out how to make a gift card holder inside of a nice “card” without it being too many layers and bulky and I think I’ve finally got it! It’s 4 layers total, but I used a layer of PG veneer I had on hand to make the holder area for the gift card and I think it worked well.


I’ve got mine from one of the first things I wanted to create when I bought the :glowforge: but had been forgotten !

3 Layers…

Will print later and post it here! :slight_smile:


Very nice job! An impressive holder!

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Fantastic work, this’ll make an excellent gift.

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As promised, here is the one I think I’ve designed loooooong time ago but never had the time and the motivation to cut it!

You did inspire and made me find it and get on with it! :slight_smile:


These are both so cute!

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Those are really nice!

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They’re so cute!!

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Great design. Any chance there’s a file available to purchase?

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If the designer wishes to share their file it will be listed in the free laser designs category…or they will have posted a link to their online store.

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#necrothread x2

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