Cardboard Death Heads

Made these for a death cafe a friends stone conservation business was hosting. Super popular, I love using cardboard!



Those are great!

Oh thank GOD! I was expecting some Red & White versions… Those are very nice!

I’ve never heard of a Death Cafe. Learned something new tonight!

These look really cool. Did you just paint the cardboard?

Yes the cardboard was painted before hand. Then the image scored and cut.


I figured that since we were talking about stone conservation that making springy colors would be fun.


Yeah, the colors really bring them out of the ordinary. Not that there’s anything ordinary about these. Nice job!

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LOL. I was thinking OMG HA Death Heads made on a GF. If you google HA Death Head or Red & White Death Head you will see what my reference was too. But you did an excellent job with these!

Love all the colors! Fun project!

And Amazon supplies an abundance of material.

I have absolutely no idea what any of this means.

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A death cafe is where a group of people come together to talk openly about death and the things revolved around it, but it’s not a grief group. It could be ideas for funerals, last wishes, types of burials, new technologies involving the death process or conservation of burial grounds and cemeteries. Ours was about gravestone conservation as the church hosting has a three acre historic burial ground it takes care of and we were there to talk about this years upcoming projects.

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Just got done cutting up more amazon boxes for more projects!

AHHH, I get it! That would be concerning. :slight_smile: