Cardboard keeps moving

I am trying to cut cardboard (amazon box) for a kiddo’s valentine box. The problem is the cardboard does not lay perfectly flat and the fan will move it slightly or the laser movement will cause it to shift. Any ideas to get to stay still on the bed? I tried painter’s tape but it was not strong enough.

Cut yourself some hold down pins.


@dklgood beat me to it! I wonder if any other post in this forum got more than 500 likes :dizzy_face: so you can see it is a good idea.


Thanks! I just found the file for these! Trying now

I use Neodymium magnets for cardboard, matte board, cardstock, paper, etc.

You will find reports by a few of them interfering with the air assist fan causing an error. In 4 years I’ve never encountered that, probably because I position them on the edge of the material where the fan never passes over them.


I still use shielded magnets on occasions and the micro neos arranged in wood, but the super-neos I had reached out far enough that they messed things up off to the side a good bit.


I bought the shielded magnets from old computers recommended here and I love them. Because they’re shielded, they do not mess with air assist fan. And, they will hold down my wood piece with no problem if there’s warp.


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