Cardboard Ornament Gift Boxes

We have always added personal touches to things we make. We have a stack of old cardboard boxes and thought we’d experiment with making gift boxes for the ornaments we’ve been making. We found that on our GF Pro we can slice through Amazon boxes in one pass with no flame or soot. And as a bonus we didn’t burn down the house. We were able to crank out a ton of boxes in no time.

We made two different types and thought we’d share our results. One has a sliding tray and the other just has a cover secured with twine.


Very nice! And a lovely way to store the ornament too!

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Nice work! FYI we can’t talk about non-PG settings outside of Beyond the Manual. I can move this post over there for you if you’d like, or you can edit out the settings – your call. :slight_smile:


Do you have a file you are selling? I love this idea.

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Nice packaging!

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I struggle with packaging, you think of some great thing to sell, then you’ve got to work out how to ship the darn thing safely, nicely, cheaply, waterproof.

I think as creatives we often fail to think of this last part often enough.


Very professional looking and a great way to recycle packaging materials from Amazon.


Nice job! I love to make cardboard packaging for items.

Sweet idea. I’d love to buy the .sgv file if you have it for sale.

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I love the packaging, and your ornaments are wonderful.

Amazing idea!

Inspired me as well… Thank you.

Wow. Definitely inspirational! Keep up the good work.

Do you have a file?

Gentle reminder that it’s against forum guidelines to ask for designs.

If someone shares a print that they’ve made, please respect their sharing and do not ask for the source design or artwork. Designs take work and have value, and when you ask someone to give you that value for free, you undermine their work.


Love these boxes! Very clever.

Me too!

Oh, terrific use of old Amazon boxes!! They look great!!

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Really love this idea! Now do you slide them into a kraft envelope to mail it? Thank you for sharing!!

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