Cardboard toys

I saw mention of this site from Contrary to what the article originally said, only one of the designs is free? Or at least, I couldn’t find the link for the free racecar pattern. Some of the pieces may be too large for the basic Glowforge, but this is still a good project to save for the Great Day of Delivery. We crush soooooo much large cardboard boxes at work.


When I saw “toys” in the title of your post and saw the first photo on their page, I assumed they were about 6" to 8" long. I was surprised when I saw the kid sitting in the race card in the next picture. It may be doable with the pass-through on the pro.


That’s pretty cool… but they want $99 for the race car pattern? Doesn’t that seem high for a pattern?

Edit… never mind. I clicked through to Paypal and it’s $0.99… A dollar doesn’t seem so bad.


Kinda in love with whoever designed that site/sale/parts. $1 for the purchased plan, donation for the other one. And whichever reaches their target income first is how they release all future plans?

First… that confirms there WILL be future plans.

Second, a chance that future plans are also completely free.

And consolation, even if they aren’t free, they will be dirt cheap!

The page size for the biplane is 33 inches by 46 inches. So the file has to be modified to cut fewer things per sheet to fit on a Glowforge. The largest piece looks to take up about 2/3 of the 33 inch extend on the shortest length. So it is maybe going to need clipped a little to work even on a pro.

EDIT: I broken the file into pieces (quite easy to do, hadn’t tried to work with a PDF before). The part I was worried about measures 20.098"x34.098" So dropping that .098 should not be a problem that anyone will notice. The design is indeed Pro compatible. You just have to remember to rotate the grain direction of the cardboard for any parts you also rotate.


These are fantastic. Haha. The kid in the racing car… Laughed harder than I should have. :'D Thanks for the link!!


I was against 99$. But 99cents, I dropped that on the way to the car. So getting !