Carla, the future is yours


It’s been a while since my first posting. Nothing worth showing since then… It has been mostly experimenting and prototyping for future projects.
However, I am very happy on how this turned out.

Carla, is a friend’s daughter. She was 1 year old yesterday and we prepared this for her. ‘El futur és teu’ means ‘The future is yours’ in catalan (the language that we speak NE Spain, in Barcelona and surrounding regions). This was the first thing I told my daughter when she was born and is something that I haven’t said aloud since then. I thought it would make it a special gift for Carla and her parents.

‘Carla, El futur és teu’

And the LED on, with 3050 strips, for a dimmed lighted atmosphere in case a night visit to Carla’s room is required:

Painted with airbrush and waxed frame. If I planned to repeat a similar design, I would concentrate on the joinery, as I completely winged this with butt joints and glue. It could have been much nicer and systematic finish… but I put all the effort in the time available in the design and finish, not the structural aspect.

Hope that you enjoy it.


Homeland of my mother’s father’s family. Specifically Gelpi Castle. My sister was there a few years back and got pictures.


Wow, very nice job! The sentiment is wonderful, and I really like how the light shines through it as well as the lighthouse.


the lighting is truly inspired. I dare say I’d use something like that as a nightlight if there was a good spot to put an ambient light sensor.


Love it! Great sentiment for a baby, and the way it is backlit is stunning! :grinning:


Beautiful and heart-felt project!

Gorgeous! Love the lighthouse!

Love the transition from day to night. Great job!

Beautiful sentiment and beautiful execution.

Thanks for all the comments! All the contributions are much appreciated, especially as I don’t have much time to participate in the forum to contribute as you all do.
Many thanks!

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@ihermit2, there are three rows of waves and the back panel. Each row containing a LED strip.
A light sensor could be placed in the front wave or on the side with minimal distraction. If wanting to go the fancier route, there is space in the back for an Arduino/Pi, which could enhance the functionality of the lamp (PIR, wifi-enabled, driving RGB strips…). Happy prototyping! :slight_smile:


@rbtdanforth, we are based further south, in a small village called Cornudella de Montsant, probably about 2.5h drive from your mother’s family.
If you ever visit them, don’t hesitate to visit us. We’ll get the GF going for sure!