Carriage Plate and Belt

I am highly disappointed and quite frankly very frustrated. I purchased my Glowforge Plus a few days before Christmas. On Christmas Eve my Glowforge was delivered, the laser mirror was installed backwards and I had to reach out the Glowforge for a replacement. It has not even been 2 months and my Carriage Plate and belt broke. I have, with much effort, reached out to Glowforge yet again. Only to be told the Carriage Plate and belt was not covered under warranty! I have emailed (because speaking to a person will NEVER happen) and I have yet to be told how to purchase the Carriage Plate and belt. I found the belt on Glowforges website but I need the Carriage Plate as well. As it pains me to even comprehend that I would have to spend $150.00 for a part that SHOULD BE UNDER WARRANTY! How am I supposed to purchase if customer support will not respond to my emails! My question is: I’ve had this machine almost 2 months and the warranty doesn’t cover all parts? And… How do I order the parts that are needed? This shouldn’t take days to get ordered. I hate to think how long it’s going to take to get delivered. Dear Glowforge, do better! Your customers have purchased an expensive product and we would appreciate customer service that is effective, instead of an automated system that continues to tell us YOU will get back with us!

Warranties cover factory defects, not wear and tear, and not damage caused by the operator.

In all the years here I’ve never heard of a carriage plate or carriage plate belt spontaneously breaking (or breaking at all, aside from being damaged by a user causing a fire underneath).

What happened to yours? How did it break?

The only way to buy this part is via your support ticket with Glowforge. It’s not something in their store – because it isn’t a normal wear item that people ever need to buy – so they’ll have to invoice you directly and then mail you one.


Glowforge staff does not monitor these forums. Your options to contact them are email or phone.

That said, it would be great to see a pic of a broken carriage plate. That would definitely be a first here.



Still haven’t seen a “broken” carriage plate.

Thank you for your concern. Brian with Glowforge tech support is the person that referred to it as a a broken carriage plate. I hope you have a nice day.

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Again, it would be interesting to see how the carriage plate spontaneously “broke”… as well the belt. Many of us here have had our machines for over 4 years and nothing has just broken.

As stated above, that’s usually attributed to a fire. Thats operator error, not a manufacturing defect - although you don’t seem to be willing to answer that question.

Because of your post, I clicked over to the spare parts of the Glowforge shop. I didn’t realize that pulley wheels and belts had been added to the shop. As for the carriage plate, Glowforge will invoice you and send the part if you email them. Sadly, they are not in quick response mode these days.

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I’ve explained what happened to Glowforge after waiting hours to get assistance. There was no fire. People come here for help not to be harassed and/or bullied. If it would let me delete the thread I would but sadly it won’t.

The belt could have gotten jammed into part of the carriage/wheels and if the head was screaming along, I could see how the sudden deceleration from the jam might break a belt that was inappropriately installed or damaged/nicked when installed.

They finally sent an invoice and it has been ordered.


Not sure how asking to see pics is bullying but you enjoy your day as well.

perhaps because of the WAY you said it.
It appeared as though you were calling them a liar.

The wording FEELS like it was meant with a certain tone, and I could see being interpreted that way. Just saying.

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