Carriage Plate Belt Tension Is this too loose?

I find this part extremely frustrating. When moving I feel the belt catching, its not a smooth movement, the belt is also new.

However when I do this push test it looks like its fine, but when moving it, looks like its way too loose right?

Anyone have advice, I have been working on this for over and hour

Video: Watch IMG_9687 | Streamable


I’d say it looks loose in your push test too. That’s the hard part about something that’s a judgement call.

My personal recommendation would be to remove the belt, tighten one of the bolts about 1/8"-1/4" then reattach the belt using the push method…and then never undo those bolts again.
I’ve never adjusted those in the ~6+ years I’ve had my machine and it does just fine!

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Yeah I broke it removing the carriage head so it needed to be replaced. I tried the push method and not having any luck…my old one fits perfect and works so im very confused.