Carriage plate not sliding smoothly

I just cleaned my printer and after I reinstalled the belt, carriage plate and printer head the assembly jerks all over the place and makes a grinding noise. When I turned it off and tried sliding the carriage it flows smoothly in the center but grinds and won’t get to either end. I’ve taken the belt off three times and reinstalled to no avail. What’s wrong, please?

Photos of the underside of the carriage plate might help. Have you inspected the wheels for cracks?


I agree it sounds like the wheels. A video would be awesome.

Here are photos of the two wheels and a video. Okay, here’s what you might think is a really stupid question: notice the belt with the tracks on the outside. Is that correct? I see the right wheel is smooth but the left wheel is grooved where the tracks of the belt would mesh. I actually reversed the belt for the vid so the tracks are on the inside but it didn’t make any difference. Thanks.IMG_1039

Well, never mind the video. It won’t upload.

No, the belt on the carriage plate is not right.

So you’re saying the ribs go on the inside? That’s the way it is now but, as I said, no improvement.

Ribs inside. Photos of the carriage plate wheels?

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Problem fixed. I had the d----- belt on wrong! Totally reversed front-to-back. When I looked at the photo of the carriage plate you sent I saw my problem. GF is up and running. Sorry to have wasted your time on a stupid mistake on my part. THAT’S a mistake I’ll never make again. Thanks again!

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You didn’t waste anyone’s time. Live and learn!

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Hi Terry,

Thank you for the update. I’m glad to hear that you’re back up and running, and it wasn’t a waste of our time at all! Our team is here to answer questions you might have and look into challenges you run into along the way. I’ve personally had the experience of running into something with my home Glowforge, reaching out to one of my colleagues and after chatting with them realizing that I missed something during maintenance etc. We’re always happy to be that sounding board for you!

If you run into trouble again, or have any questions for our team, please reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

Kind regards,