Carriage wheel cracked

I am not sure what to do. i have noticed that my cuts have not been looking clean and when I took everything apart to clean I was inspecting the wheel to see if they were dirty I notices one of them has a crack in the middle of it. has anyone had any issues with these wheels cracking and if so how do I get a new one?

Posting here in Problems and Support opened a ticket for you, the Glowforge support team will be able to arrange for a replacement set of wheels for you. (Going to take a day or so for them to see the post and make the arrangements, but they will contact you via email to get your address and arrange it.)

So watch your emails.

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thank you so much.

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Hi @natalia_peart - I’m so sorry for the trouble, we can definitely get a replacement set of wheels sent your way. I’ve reached out via email to confirm some details for you so that we can get this all taken care of.

Since we’ll be finishing this process up via email I’m going to close this topic.

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