Case for a Droid Remote

After I got the R2’s sensors working and installed the hardware to allow the dome to rotate autonomously, I moved on to a remote module made by the same engineer who put together the Roam-A-Dome. The remote is basically a circuit board, a display and a scroll wheel (like on the original iPod):

I probably should’ve taken photos of the sides and bottom, showing all the circuitry, but this is the only photo I’d taken before I snapped it into the case - and now that it’s IN, I don’t want to pop it out…
So here it is IN the case:

All of the necessary buttons, ports and switches are accessible, the battery is no longer hanging free off a wire, and the tolerances are SO tight that I’ll have to pry it apart if I ever need to.
Since I already had the design loaded up on my Glowforge, I cut an extra one and put together a “kit” that I’ll send off to the designer/programmer when I can get his address.


You are having a pretty good run with this project. I sure enjoying looking at the things you make.


Great project


Hey… Question about a problem I’m having with this design, and wondering if any of you have had a similar experience…

When I export this design, the “faceplate” a rectangle with a circle inside it (cuts) and then the text and logo (engraves) doesn’t get exported? The text and logo are there, but not the two cuts… there’s also a weird magenta artifact that shows up in the same area.

I’ve tried different things, even recreated the piece in a whole new drawing. Anybody else have a similar issue with exporting designs?

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Apparently the Glowforge app was always putting the text above the logo, rectangle and ring - they were still THERE, but didn’t look like it on the exported file unless you moved the text layer. Go figure…?

Anyway, I finally figured it out.


By now you know a project is never really done… I have a 3D printer as well as my Glowforge, and the plain box, while elegant and functional, really didn’t fit in the “Star Wars” universe as well as it could…

That’s more like it!


Great project. And I think it’s so cool to reward the engineer who designed the circuitry.

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