Case for Arduino Project

I just completed my first GF project. It’s a case for an interactive device that responds to sound. It contains an Arduino, a microphone, a 64 LED matrix display, power switch, brightness control and a bunch computer code. It’s programmed with 8 different patterns that each respond instantly, in their own way, to the sound volume. Patterns change every 5 minutes and color combinations change whenever the sound level passes a certain point. I made two almost identical devices from 1/4" acrylic, one black and white, and the other deep transparent red . They are powered by a micro USB port. I have never been able to use glue on acrylic without making a mess, so I use cable ties to hold it together.


Wow, very cool! Clearly you are enjoying your new machine.

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Oooh! I like that!

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That looks fantastic. I love the choice of white and black acrylic.

Neat project! I’m digging the cable tie aesthetic.

Cable ties are my preferred choice of fasteners :sunglasses:

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I’m afraid to admit (as an ex-Boy Scout) that I’m using cable ties more than cord now for quick fastening. In fact just hung 3 LED shop lights in the bike barn using them :slightly_smiling_face:

The tie version of duct tape.