Case for the Glowforge?

Has any thought been given to contacting a company to make a transportation case for the Glowforge? I would like to get a custom Pelican case for it.

The following thread discussed cases and @dan said they currently use Pelican cases.

if only you had a larger glowforge so you could laser cut custom case foam for the glowforge case. lol

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A Pelican case that size would be in the $900 ballpark. I’m curious if this case would work. The dimensions seem right, with enough room on the end and sides for some extra foam and power cables etc. The interior height is very close but I expect that includes the foam that comes with it.


What is the product number they are using for it? It would be great if the filter unit fit in it too. I actually wouldn’t mind spending $900 on it…it is an investment to make sure its safe and usable when you get to wherever your going!

Anvil cases are probably cheaper (or a knockoff) unless you are intending to get it wet, the anvil case is just as tough. Also you can stuff other stuff in there (computer, etc) depending on the size. As it gets bigger you can of course put wheels on it…

Looks like the perfect case for the Glowforge and air filter for $653.18.

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