Case, rack, and stuff


This is NOT a political statement… it was just the first project I tackled. It’s not completely finished as I need to do some EVA foam for the top compartment for supplies and tools.
The project required lotsa cardboard mock ups for the inside. I made many mistakes too, but still very happy with the ultimate outcome.

…and some stuff in acrylic.

I work in a lab, so I thought I might try making a Microscope slide drying rack for Gram Stain slides. If that means anything to anyone…

My first repeating pattern… thanks to everyone for sharing ideas and links on how to do some of this stuff.

I have a long list of projects it’s hard to focus!!!


Those are some excellent projects! (Love the gun case!) :grinning:


Great work on the case, I love it.


Great case! There’s going to be some jaws dropping at the range when that makes a visit. I’ve been thinking about making a similar one for my Kimber. I’ve got a lot more learning to do before I tackle that project.


All good stuff, really like the flower.


that case looks really nice! Where do you go for the hardware (corners and latches, etc?)


Neat projects…keep them up!


Love the case! What are the internal hinges for on the inside of the lid? What kind of wood did you use? It looks like it is 1/4" thick.


Hanging around to hear more about the case and where you sourced the hinges, latches, etc.


Woodcraft has them (and of course Amazon). Not sure that’s where the OP got them but it’s where I usually get my first set of hardware when I’m doing something. If I end up replicating the project, then I go online and to the Awesome Amazon :slightly_smiling_face:


Great projects. My husband bought me a Taurus recently. Your Glowforge is dressed well!


Amazon, but I will say the quality of small hardware is… okay. The hinges are a bit loose. I would still use it again if necessary, but I’m trying to find quality sources.


The case is 1/4 Baltic Birch I got from Inventables, the inside was the “free” ProGrade that I got.
I used 1/8" mdf or draftboard for the layers on the one side. The hinges on the inside will be for tool compartment, which I want to do with foam, but I haven’t done it yet (the reason it is closed).


So woodcraft looks like a pretty good place to get a wide variety of small hardware pieces, of which, they have a particular latch I have been hunting for too!. Amazon was use only out of convenience. I have Prime, but you seriously rabbit hole looking for this kind of stuff there.


Rockler Woodworking is a good supplier of various types of hardware too.

Woodcraft is generally higher for everything.


Is the gun case a layered construction on the inside or are the vertical pieces holding up the inside? Looks really nice.


layered, but held in place by strips of maple, which the strips of maple also give the case a positive snug close. The layers are not glued in, which makes the case able to take different inserts.

I used the PG walnut veneer over the MDF or draftboard


I’m a Glock man but great case and projects!


Most unique case at the range for sure! Nice job.