Cast Acrylic Help

I was wondering if anyone knew what type of glue to use to paste a picture on the back of a cast acrylic etched keychain. I made some ouija board keychains but I want to hardened modpodge a galaxy picture on the back. Any thoughts? I want to sell these so it would be nice if it hardened or sealed to prevent scratching. Thanks for any advice. I am still a complete noob. LOL.

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Probably something like epoxy resin, but I won’t know how clear it would be.

Yes, epoxy resin would be the way to go, if you are wanting to view the photo through the acrylic from the front. But you would need to print the photo on special paper that resists reaction with the resin, like this stuff:

Check out their video tutorials, they have a lot of them for combining photos with resin.