Castle Dice Tower

I wanted to share the very tall, rather dramatic dice tower I made. I got the pattern on Etsy from XykitDesigns, and the owner was incredibly helpful. The pattern is for 3 mm material but the owner, Jason, helped me scale it to work with proofgrade medium draft board. (111% did the trick.) He has variations on this dice tower that are really cool.
I’m really happy with it!


Nice tower! Glad you got it scaled ok. For future use, there is a trick to it that would let you scale very accurately, I posted about it ages ago, let’s see if I can find it.

Ah here we go:


I’ve seen a lot of dice towers in here and this is my favorite so far!. You did a great job with it.


Much appreciated! I’ll keep that info on hand for future use.


Holy smokes, that tower is epic! Should certainly do the job.

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It is excessive! It’s a gift for a family that likes to play the dice game “kniffel,” which is what they call Yahtzee in Germany. There is a famous castle tower in their town that made this a perfect gift. Inspo picture below.


Very impressive tower.

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My favorite tower, also! It’s just so awesome!