Cat Mobile

Not Bat Mobile.
Not a cat that has stolen your phone and can’t text without opposable thumbs.
Not a cat who lives in a box shaped home in Alabama.
This is instead a fun and decorative way to hang two dozen cats from the ceiling :slight_smile:
My son’s girlfriend likes cats, so I went to Pixabay (their images are free for private and commercial use) and grabbed a bunch of designs, broke lines, joined lines, crossed my eyes from looking at so many nodes, created a gear to hang them from, and fitted all on to less than one piece of proofgrade basswood.
I couldn’t bring myself to drill holes in their tiny little heads to hang them from, so she will just have to make velvet collars for them, or something similar. I will also hand her fishing line and Christmas Tree ornament hooks and tell her to go for it.
The cats each have their own layer or group and are about 3". All of the score lines are black and are the first 3 steps in the GFUI - not sure why it is 3 steps, but it worked fine.
The next step is the aqua rectangle that I used to lay it out - ignore that. The last step is dark red and is the cutting step. There is a double cut line on the bottom left cat, but it fits, it works and I just moved a TON of snow, so not fixing it.
Cat Mobile


Please post another pic when you have it together. I bet that is going to look pretty cool…


The finished picture will be after Christmas since she is crafty and I will make her color it and put it together


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I need more coffee, this was too funny for all the wrong reasons.


This is gonna look good assembled



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What a novel share! Loved your intro…

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MeWOW! Terrific work and great gift idea!

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Anything with cats gets my attention right away.

Very cute project! Thanks so much for the file.

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Thank you for sharing this with the group.

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Great puns! Really nice designs. Much less horrifying than the Addams family version my mind came up with at first. Though Catwoman’s version of the Batmobile sounds really cool too!

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It’s times like now I am SOOOOO glad I moved from northern VA to Tucson. We’re still getting 70+ degree days.


lol, first thought…


Easy enough to track. I heard folk in the Himalayas found “catman do” just sitting there.


Cute! Looking forward to a photo also. Good call to let her assemble it.

Thank you for sharing.

Oh no you didn’t go there

Unfortunately, my travel budget doesn’t get me to the corner store much less the Himalayas. :grin: :innocent: