Catalog API?

Will the catalog have an API of some kind? Mainly thinking that the user could provides a couple of parameters and a callback generates a customized blueprint. For example: provide the thickness of the material and the generated blueprint will have exact dimension for finger joints (instead of having one blueprint per 1/8" and mm)

Sort of like the Thingiverse Customizer then?

In the particular example you mention, it will not be needed, because you can specify portions of the cut to be “material thickness” instead of a specific measure. But there may be other cases where it is warranted (like a 12x10 box instead of a 12x8 box)

I was thinking of both finger joints and for example the votive light blueprint. I dont think that would work by just defining thickness of material if not using svg2 and data attributes, which would be cool if they did.

Edit: guess the title and desc elements could be used to store magic for svg1.1

Fantastic ideas… probably not in the first release, but something we want to do ASAP.