Catalog availability?

When will you make the catalog available? It would be nice to see what designs you have so far.

That and what kinds of materials will be available. Unless that is already posted and I am just having trouble locating it.

Same here. Nothing but a link to a boardgame so far.

The Home page has an image of what it’s supposed to look like. (Anyone else notice the iPad in the image only has 32% battery left? :wink:)

You guys need to temper your expectations for at this point in the game. :wink:

I’m confident the store will be just as excellently executed as the 'Forge, itself. The team is eating up all the suggestions and things on this forum (Dan has mentioned a wish list hopper on many threads) and they’ll make something theat is user friendly. And, if it’s missing something or you have questions, the support team will be there (once it unburies itself from the 11,500 emails it has now). And, I’m sure the store will be a living document for improvement as its community needs it to be.

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